We 100% ensure that your private personal information is handled strictly confidential. We will NOT release any of your information to any 3rd party without your prior consent. And all information gathered from your CV will only be used for recruitment purpose and kept strictly confidential.


Before applying a job–  we provide career development consultation.

When applying a job– we provide detailed JD and CV writing advice.

Before attending interview – we provide training on interview skills, language interaction, preparation kits, presentation on your strength and weakness, preference of line managers, company culture and such information.

After the interview– we follow up with the company for their feedback and any follow up action.

When tendering offer– we make sure the terms and package are mutually satisfied.

When accepting offer– we make sure offer letter or any proper supporting documents are ready for your resignation.

Before commencement– we make sure everything is going on as agreed and scheduled.

After commencement– we will follow up with you to make sure you have a smooth on boarding process.

We are occasionally working on confidential search. If the job list from the JOB OPENINGS page does not seem like matching your expertise, please put through your CV with details of your background, experience and package expectation, our Consultants will reach you and may offer something else out of the list.

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Alternatively , if you wish to reach our Consultants for a confidential talk before submitting your application, you are welcomed to contact us by email and leave us your contact details for free career consultation or a coffee chat. 

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